Friday, 13 May 2011

Updated events!!! (the sequel lol)

I had a post under this title yesterday and had a link for it on Facebook but it has dissappeared!  The millenium bug must have come along and eaten it as it is gone off the face of the internet.

So I guess Ill just have to repost, firstly congrats to Lavinia and Liam ( for the second time) on the birth of their first child, Cathal Jeremiah who was born on the 11th May at 4.31 (a bit too early in the morning if you ask me lol), both mamma and baby are doing well and I dunno what Liam is doing haha.  Congrats peeps, ye are now someone's parents (god help the child) lol

Secondly, NCRG have been given permission to read the IRTS weekly news bulletin over the Duhallow repeater (430.925).  This will be done by yours truly (moi) every Tuesday evening at 8pm, and if Im not there, you will her Tony's dulcit tones lol (think hell drag me there if he has too haha).

I can even remember what was in the rest of the post, prob babble if I cant remember it haha so thats all for now, 73, Lisa


  1. Ok, so my first one has come back, all on its own wtf!!! I am not senile nor am I blind, it was Tony who noticed the link was dead, I dunno, the internet pfft...

  2. You gotta love the blogger hiccups that are happening.