Wednesday, 11 May 2011

North Cork Radio Group

As a member, and secretary, of the North Cork Radio Group, I decided a bit of a mention on here might interest people and let them know of upcoming events and activations.

Over the next couple of weeks, especially on Castles on the Air weekends (both international and domestic), we will be hopefully activating some local castles, to try and promote what I consider to be a great event.  The next Group activation will be on the 4th, 5th and 6th June from Blarney Castle in Cork, under the desigated reference of EI010/C.  Listen out for us throughout the bands, I presume particular bands such as 40m and 80m will be our usual haunts, but keep an eye on those clusters, or an ear on the frequencies to work us, we look forward to hearing you.

Other individual operators may also activate other venues and updates will be posted on our website and on our Facebook page.

Also, the Group has been granted permission by the IRTS to read their weekly news bulletin on our local repeater (430.925) and this will be done by yours truly to begin with (yes nervewracking is that!).  This will be read every Tuesday evening at 8pm (Ill have to synchronise my watch) so if you can hear me, call in and say hi!

For anyone that might like any more information on the Group, our meeting schedule or membership etc, please feel free to contact me on and Ill give you any information I can.

Thats all for now, talk to you soon

73, Lisa

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