Monday, 9 May 2011

Rant of the day

Why is it that when I come home from work, I have Tony telling me all about how great the propagation is and how he has made so many contacts on 10m, but when I sit down (after feeding everyone and sorting the place out) the whole globe decides to feck off and leave me?

I have to say Im a bit jealous, I couldve worked all these stations but I had to actually earn a living, whats that about haha does my boss not realise I need to be talking to people?  On the other hand if I used that argument with her, she would probably tell me to answer the phones lol.

But on a serious level, it seems that E season is coming upon us, nice openings on 6m and 10m today, which dont seem to be open much to date.  A lot of UK stations coming in on 15m also, which I personally havent worked, but Tony tells me he has been hearing them 59+ in some cases.  A lot of German stations to be heard in our (ahem .... MY) shack, so much so that I could nearly earn a worked all Germany award!

So Tony is now all excited about his favourite time of year, and no doubt this is where the chances of a domestic could become reality as the battle for the chair may soon commence ..... as soon as he gets a chance to sort the 6m antenna out lol..... mmmmmmm maybe I might sabotage the antenna situation a bit further by hiding the coax HI.  This is the reason why I got the Tennamast Adapt a Mast, so I can get at the antennas without becoming spiderwoman (plus a latex suit wouldnt be very flattering).

That said, looks like Europe is beginning to boom in on all bands and some very rare DX to be had..... except me (everyone say awwwww)

Rant over, chat soon

Ciao for now, 73, Lisa


  1. Hello Lisa, you're not the only one, I have to actually earn a living as well. But it's nice to read stories from others who do have the time to be on the radio. 73, Bas

  2. true true, but I get jealous haha

  3. Great Blog Lisa !
    Looking forward for more EI1NC activity !

    de Adrian iz3svi

  4. Hey Adrianno, how are you sir, next activation, Mallow Castle .... maybe, Cashota Event at end of month, I will let you know,

    73 my friend, Lisa

  5. Lisa, keep patient!! I worked a few new countries last night on 12 metres late on, maybe after 10pm. All on an Antron 99 and 100 watts! Actually propagation got better yesterday as the day went on. It was pretty poor yesterday morning. Don't mind the hubby winding you up - you will be rewarded with some late evening prop any day now!

    HI HI !!!!!!