Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ruined day out.com

I had gone to Dublin today with my mother and sister to go shopping.  Not only did I forget the Queen was making her visit but the whole place was barriers and Gardai.  We were on Henry Street at one stage and all of a sudden people started to run, grabbing their children.  Security guards came out from shops and all the shutters started to come down, kinda frightening if you have never been in that situation.  Apparantly what started as a peaceful protest turned into a mini riot with Gardai having to barricade them in so they could damage the area.

Then, as we managed to work our way up the street, we werent even allowed to cross by the GPO, and we had to have our bags searched too!!  Of course, the Queen decided she was going to pass us as we were on the street so we even got to see her when we didnt really plan to. 

After all this, we were on our way back and the Gardai then decided to close off the bridge by Heuston Station so the Queen could pass over it to go to the Presidents House,  we were left sit there for 50 minutes before they allowed us to go.

So, after all this disruption, we still didnt even get anything we wanted to, although my brother and sister cleaned up, and they werent even there!!.

As a result of this, my first reading of the IRTS news bulletin was delayed by 5 minutes, as I literally had to run into the house and sit straight in the chair, all out of breath haha.  Ill remember the first time for a long time, so thanks to her Majesty, because of her hols, my day was in an uproar.

73, Lisa

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