Friday, 13 May 2011

100 DXCC

Hey all, Blogspot was down yesterday evening so I couldnt even update my status!  Wtf!!  I have info for ppl like haha.

So last night I contacted my 100 DXCC.....Ecuador!  Not a bad country to have to mark your 100th, delighted with my own self so now I just need to get them confirmed lol, then it might actually be worth something to me in awards terms lol.

I received my first IRTS news bulletin last night, I had to re-read some of it, do I really have to embarrass myself by trying to say half the place names on there?  Whatever happened to easy names like Cork?  See nice and easy, not like supercallafragalisticexbeallidocious hahaha (I dont even know if I spelt that right but it would be a miracle if I did),  Google pronounciation lookups it is then, itll be like soo-purr-kala etc etc etc lol

So I decided to put a call out on 20m last night and was hammered by European stations, much to my surprise though I managed to pull a Japanese station from the noise, I had to confirm the call a few times to ensure I had it right, I had been trying to contact Japan for ages and here the op was calling me! I had to laugh though, whilst speaking to an op, it was obvious he had looked up my QRZ page as I could hear the music player I have on it coming on in the background, I chuckled to myself and found it amusing for a few minutes.  I dont know if he expected that though, it isnt something you usually get on QRZ lol.

Right Im off now for a bit, trying to figure out my car situation, apparantly my drive shaft on right side is about to go and I need to get a replacement, any good ideas?  Apparantly because it is a Mitsubishi Carisma it is hard to get the parts for it so Ill have to flutter my eyelashes at Tony and hope he will let me share his car, he was very good and let me have it today, Ill have to get on the case!

Bye for now


  1. Well done on reaching the 100 Lisa. The first of many milestones for you. Congrats.

  2. Lisa congratulations on the 100th...and hope the car issue works itself out. Nothing like having car troubles. You got me thinking now I am going to have to give LOTW a boo and see how I am doing.

  3. Speaking of LOTW, I am in the process of sending my docs off for this, a number of hams in EI swear by it and of course the confirmation via eqsls are a bonus as they are counted as confirmed contacts on the program, thx for the comments and the well done,

    73, Lisa