Monday, 9 May 2011


Ok, so Ive just been having a convo with Tony and he has been informing me of some of the slang words used in radio, half of them I have never heard and if I happened to walk in on a QSO and they were being used, Id be taking out the Golden Pages to search for the nearest mental institution.

For example, "thanks you for the flowers" ... wtf???  Imagine this, I walk in on a QSO, the other person compliments the audio "ooo good sir, you are sounding beautiful" (haha Ive now become an imaginary Italian) and the answer they get is...."thank you for the flowers???????"  this is totally absurd to me, I have never heard of this and it seems wayyyyyy off topic, mmmm audio - flowers in 10 secs, how the hell did that happen haha.

Another one, "how many candles are you burning",  emmmm I dont, I have electric, what kind of hut do you live in weirdo?  Apparantly it means how old are you hahaha pmsl, how would I have known that?  Id be thinking I was talking to Ben Hur or Tarzan or someone, anyone have a dictionary?

The other one most used is "lid", as in "you are a lid" - emmm okkkk, calling me tupperware is a bit of an insult, or in correct terms I have just been called crap, or useless, or thick but in most ppls standards its rubbish, because you know they teach you how to be excellent in your ham training course under the module "how not to be a lid - the do's and dont's". 

I have to say, I have never heard these before but they are totally mental, has anyone any more I need to know because Id hate to be a "lid" on air and not know what Im talking about, not knowing my "flowers" from my candles can be a dangerous business, especially as it can lead to a torrid of abuse or sexual harrassment claims lmao.

Ciao for now
73, Lisa


  1. ( sorry for my poor english....)

    HI mean a "light laugh" and came from CB slang. On Ham radio is something to NOT do. Or not too frequently .

    Lid was "invented" for CW mode, same as FB. So Fine Businness , if you're great at CW. Lid is when someone made strange things, such as tuning on frequency, jammings or even someone who don't listen and keep calling. If you transmit lid to someone who's working cw...there's no worse offense.
    Unfortunately..FB and Lid is used on phone too :(

    Note : a great "cw man" isn't someone who perfectly know the code but is someone who "know how to", filled of LOTS of patience etc. There's NO sentences like "shut up" etc during a cw pileup 'cause...well...the cw a marvellous, different world. Let me say : every amateur should try it. It can be loved...or hated. But worth to try.
    de Adrian iz3svi.


    I especially like the term "Elephant" meaning a repeater that receives further than it can transmit, big ears, small mouth! ha ha

    you'll find many silly terms being used and as mentioned by Adriano they have slowly moved over from CB, especially in countries where the exam has been dumbed down, some countries allow CBers to complete a weekend course over around 16hours and they ticket them as hams on the band so as you can imagine, Mr 1,9 for a copy good buddy comes on air and says roger dodger instead of QSL. :)

  3. I find it exquisitely ironic that although the Q codes are mainly reserved for ham radio, in the ham world we say "break" when we want to enter a conversation on, say, 2 metres, but the CBers say "QSK" on 11m! How odd!!

    I presume us Louth ops are not the only ones to say things like, "hang on till I throw more coal on the fire" - meaning "hold on till I put up the power"????

  4. great to see so many different sources for different sayings,Im amazed at them, I have never heard even heard of the radio term "elephant", new one for me

  5. @ EI2KC :
    wtf "break" on ham bands is a NO NO, sorry bud but the only "thing" to enter a conversation is your callsign. The "break" word came from cb'ers, truck drivers, lotsa years ago. There's no mention bout using that word on international "ham guide" so if you listen someone who want enter using "break" simply don't answer :)

    @ Lisa : yep, elephant is a brand new for me also.
    But best of fun is when someone start calling , eg :
    cq cq twenty....cq twenty...ABCDEF is calling on twenty and listening QRZ. qrz ! or, best one : calling on twenty and standing by OVER. HAHAHAHA they make me laugh every time :)

    de Adrian iz3svi