Sunday, 15 May 2011

Band openings

Hello for today.

The bands seem to have really good openings into Asia and Africa, well at least from where my QTH is.  I have never heard some of these stations as strong as they are, maybe thats because I never listened or they have bought new amps lol!

Anyhow, tonight I was scanning around on 15m and 20m and to my surprise I was hearing African stations at 59 (or a little below), the piles ups for these stations were huge and so I spent a little time battling to be heard over some stations, at their own admission, putting out 1kw through a linear amp.  Little ol me in EI trying to beat the big US stations haha.  But I held my own and managed to make my contacts, despite being stamped all over by an ER station, so much so that the gentleman I was trying to have a QSO with told the station to "please shut up".  I couldve laughed so hard at this but I was in the middle of a conversation so I couldnt, but if I had the chance I wouldve shouted HA HA.

Anyhow, I have managed to get a few new DXCC's.  Oman (which I didnt have at all), Hong Kong, Angola and Namibia, so another 4 to add to my list.  Ill have to start looking at the different bands now as I am beginning to favour 15m and 20m a lot recently, maybe because they are open for a lot longer in the evening, you wouldnt have worked someone on 15m at this time 2 months ago.

Righteeeeee, I am off for now,

Talk 2 ya soon, 73, Lisa


  1. Congrats with the new DXCCs Lisa. You have the advantage that you're a YL. It seems that is working to get new DXCC. 73, Bas

  2. I dunno about that one haha, I had to sit there for about an hour to get one of them, even when I was plugged by an American station, the op ignored me lol

  3. Well done Lisa. I only got Angola for the first time recently so congrats. You are doing well for someone with phone only / no CW. Can I ask what the setup is?

  4. Hi Tony, its Anthony's setup really, I just hijack the station, I use his Yaesu FT 1000MP transceiver with Yaesu MD100 desk mic and the antenna is TM26 mini hybrid quad (I hope I got that right lol), he has a few other rigs too like kenwood ts2000 but I prefer the FT1000 for some reason so I mainly take that over