Tuesday, 10 May 2011

HF Olympics

Hello to you all again today, Im back again with more randomness.

I came home from work today to a very cheerful "hello", I automatically get suspicious of this as it usually means that Tony is looking for me to buy something or agree to something, so with caution I responded.  Maybe its my cynical nature or my suspicious mind (maybe Elvis had a point!) but I suspected something wasnt quite right.

As I got futher in the hallway, Tony is now informing me in a little gleeful voice that he had worked DX in Malaysia and Indonesia, 2 DXCC's he didnt previously have.....so that's the reason for the happy face.  Unknowingly to me, he has both of us as competitors in the "HF Olympics" (a fictional competition I have created to describe the situation).

It is understood by me, after a bit of smuggness on Tony's part, that he has us entered into a race - the aim of which is to gather the most DXCC's.  He is feeling a bit annoyed that I have 96 and he has 88, and so let the race begin!!!  Except he is in control of the "chair" and I have to make the tea, how fair is this race?  It seems I am being ambushed from the start lol, and he is trying to sabotage my chances by hogging the station ..... damn he has just gotten another one, the South Shetland Islands and he is sooooo rubbing it in my face and I am typing this post.

I think he used the words "hahaha whoo hooo hooo, Im catchin you" as he rubs his hands together like a child that is about to get everything he wants.

And so, Mr. C has just realised that I have already have this station and is a bit gutted that he wasnt aware I had worked the South Shetland Islands and is pondering where else I might have worked.  He is now bragging to our 11 year old that he is nearly caught up to me hahahah, how childish is this gonna get?  Is there a category for a 33 year old child?  Maybe there should be lol.

So Im in the middle of the main event at this HF Olympics, wonder what the prize is?  Well whatever it is, there is a lot of hand rubbing, gleeful laughs and gloating going on, maybe there is some evidence of performance enhancers, Ill have to check this one out!!!

73, Lisa

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