Sunday, 8 May 2011

1st day

Ok, so this is my first day as a blogger.   It isnt something Ive done before and to be honest, I dont even know half of what Im doing.   It was Tony (my other half, EI3GAB) who suggested that I should start my own blog (prob so I get off his Facebook page lol) so here goes.

A brief background summary, I never really had an interest in amateur radio, Tony is a ham for years and never could get me involved.  When he founded the North Cork Radio Group (EI1NC), I was given lots of little jobs to do, and through this he convinced me to study for the exam (bet he's sorry now).  Myself and a few other members of the group took the exam in October 2010 and I passed, and hence EI9GSB was born.(Thanks to everyone for their help with this, especially Tony, who nagged the s**t outta me to carry on when I didnt want to )

Since then, I have kinda hijacked his station and really found my interest growing. I took part in my first ever contest in November 2010, after taking ages to get the courage to do it, and loved it.  I currently have worked 93 DXCC's and have made over 600 contacts throughout the world.   I get amazed at the amount of DXCC I have never even heard of, especially all the tiny islands. I dont think Tony thought his idea through past the exam, I can see an eviction notice coming my way lol.

I only attended my first radio rally last September held by the Group, and my first CASHOTA activation (and field day) in February of this year.  I have helped organise at least 3 other field days and I look forward to each of these, although sometimes its hard when you have kids that get bored after a while.

Ok, so here I am with my own blog and of course this was after sneaking a peek at Paul Colyer's (M0PCZ) and Anthony Murphy's (EI2KC) to see what it entailed (thanks lads, although ye knew nothing about it haha).  So hopefully this one will be a success and wont be filled with girly ramblings, ok it will from time to time. 

So right, thats me done for the first post, hopefully itll get better as the days pass.

Chat to you soon, 73, Lisa


  1. Well done Lisa, congrats on all fronts - on getting the licence, on working the DX, on setting up the blog. Look forward to reading your words and hearing of your great deeds in the world of ham radio. So refreshing to get a woman's point of view, HI!

    73 de EI2KC Tony

  2. Well done Lisa, great to see the first post of what I hope is a very successful blog, can't wait to read more of what your doing in Dx and ham radio from a YL's eye prospective.

    Tony EI3GAB
    Now shackless :)

  3. thx to the 2 Anthony's lol, still tryna work this thing out, need to add gadgets and stuff (hint hint Tony EI3GAB) lol, hope to keep it interesting!!!

    73 de moi

  4. Hi ya Leese, great start to your blog, I didn't realise you were so newly licensed, you've worked a good few DXCC for such a short space of time !

    Hope you enjoy blogging, I do, it's a great way of keeping a record of your radio achievements, I love looking back at old posts, seeing when Stateside was first worked etc.

    Thanks also for the mention, I notice that am your first follower, I'm sure you'll get plenty more, I'll also put you on my blog list, so you may get a few hits through that.

    73's see you on the FB !

  5. Hi Lisa, it could be very interesting to read how a YL is looking at HAM radio. Since facebook and other social media sites are so populair it surprises me that there are less women that have radio as their hobby. I guess in the past it was too technical, too weird or nerdy. Now radio is more and more integrated with the internet and from a social point of view it could be very interesting for everyone. 73, Bas

  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences Lisa, hopefully by doing so along the activities of NCRG and your recent excellent article in Echo Ireland will encourage more YLs to take up the hobby

    Bob (ei3grb)

  7. Hi Bas, thanx for the comments, I did find it very technical when I was studying for the exam and often wanted to forget it but Tony made me stick at it and Im glad I did now, I dont often hear YL's on the air but I have worked about 3 out of 600+ contacts so we are very much a minority.

    73, Lisa

  8. Hi Bob, thx for the comment, always appreciated, Im hoping more YL's will participate in the hobby but how realistic that is I dont know, nice to talk to you again, as always

    73. Lisa

  9. Good morning Lisa, very nice blog and congratulations on getting your ham ticket. It sounds like you have jumped right into the pool regarding ham radio.

  10. Hello Michael, I would say more like pressured haha I had to be pushed at the start as I was really nervous but he cant shut me up now, thx for checkin out the blog!!

    73, Lisa