Monday, 5 September 2011

Rally, Rally, Rally

Hey there ham radio peeps (or in the words of the Inbetweeners "special radio friends :p)

The countdown is on, 6 days to the event of the year, the NCRG radio rally, held at Blarney Golf Resort at 1130am on Sunday next.

I cant wait, lots of bargains to be had, or a one stop shop to reinvent the shack, either way its gonna be epic.  Im gonna be on the door doing what I do best, handling money and chatting, hope to meet you there (if I dont know your face, dont be afraid to introduce yourself, I dont bite.....much)

So Im off for now, have admission tickets to organise.

Talk to ya soon (hopefully with a few new bits), ciao for now

Lisa, EI9GSB

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