Tuesday, 30 August 2011

And we're off!!!!

Hey there,

So we have adjusted the capacitor hats, tightened all the screws and brought down the antennamast........and hey presto it works!!!!!   Our beam is back in business and sitting proud 40ft in the air.

Tony has just tested it on a station in Brazil .. and got a report of 58 from him.  

So now the fun is on, lots of stations on the way into my log, shame Im a bit busy this afternoon (my eldest child is 12 today) but otherwise Tony would be getting a push outta "the chair" in order for me to conquer the world again.

Now to have a look at the mini rotatable dipoles for 40m, with the NCRG rally coming up on the 11th Sept, it might be the best time to accost some of our resident traders and grab ourselves a bargain..... in the interest of experimentation of course. 

Right Im off of birthday business so ciao for now

Lisa, EI9GSB

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