Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The return of the YL

Hey there,

So I have finally returned to the airwaves, only to find there has been a mass holocaust on the bands and no one is left to talk to me!!!!

Over 2 nights, I managed to call and call and call on 20m and only received 8 replies!!!!  Have the waves decided to punish me for deserting them?  Even the fact that I am a YL didnt help, but then again neither did my antenna, it needs to be stripped and reconstructed to ensure its 100%.

I even called through our local repeaters (3 of them to be exact) and even the local hams didnt feel like chatting.  So there I was all ready to chat and noone responding :(

Oh well, at least I have the CASHOTA event on Sat coming at Blackrock Castle, hopefully the airwaves will be nicer to me and I can get the chance to have a chat, bet that will be much to the dismay of the other lads haha.

Ciao for now

Lisa, EI9GSB

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