Monday, 25 July 2011

Case of the missing blogs

Hi All,

I havent posted on here in quite a bit, mainly due to no radio news but also partially because I have had a lot of things to take care of.

The last time I was on air was at our Blarney Castle activation which was on the 4th, 5th and 6th June.  To be honest, I was really tired after 3 days operating in a row so I decided to take a break.....but havent gone back to it yet!!

This, coupled with wedding plans, have been the reason that there has been no blogs.  I received a very nice email from a gentleman asking what was up, Mike VE3WDM, and wondering where all my blogs have gone to.  So heres the deal - as some of you may or may not know, myself and Tony EI3GAB, have gotten married last Friday, 15th July.  This took up a lot of my time, especially leading up to the date, as I organised my own ceremony, hotel, dinner, disco etc so had to pay attention to all the little details, so hence I had no real spare time to do the little things I usually had more than enough time for.

Once the wedding was over with (and the hangover on Tony's part too) we decided to go away for a few days, nowhere in particular, just a road trip to see where we ended up.  London was the lucky place.  I have never been, and being a pure tourist type person, I couldnt wait to see the sights, take loadsa pics and have a ball.

One the first day, we went in search of a hotel and decided to go somewhere cheap enough, so the Travelodge it was.  Now I have never heard nonsense like this but apparantly they couldnt take in walk-in bookings until after 8pm and couldnt take cash although they had the rooms!!!!  I had to ring the central bookings line and organise a reservation and this cost me £229 wtf??!!!  They also advertised local parking that was operated by a third party but someone they had special rates allowed for guests, and apparantly this turned out to be untrue as the car park "hadnt forwarded any tokens to them, despite asking".  I couldnt believe this, the car park for 48 hours cost us £84!!!!!

But despite this, we had a good time and did all the sightseeing, touristy things.  But my advice to anyone thinking of London, have a lot of money and organise accomodation in advance.

We spent our last night in Birmingham (just purely to break the drive back to Holyhead) and reserved a room on the internet the night before.  This Travelodge only cost us £40 with free parking!!  I really couldnt believe it, the difference in city's.

Oh well, we still enjoyed it and have a nice few souvenirs.  Heres hoping that I might decide to get back on the air once I have had a chance to get all the washing done and sort all the pressies etc. 

Ciao for now, 73, Lisa


  1. I want to start out by saying congratulations to you and Tony!!! Great news about the wedding and your time in London sounded great other than the accommodations. My wife Julie and I just got back from a 5 week trip to England. We spent 4 days in London and packed in 14 hour days just to see all the sights. It was the trip of a life time for sure. Well good to see your back blogging have a nice week and weekend.

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  3. Hi Lisa, congrats on the wedding.
    Just saw your qso confirmation via HRDLOG, something else for me to look at now !
    London yes very expensive, Dont live to far from Birmingham and I tend to get a day travel pass to go down to London (about £25 return from Warwick, including using underground and some bus routes, takes about 90 minutes), which is a lot cheaper than staying there. Been to Blarney castle a couple of times and also to Mallow, my wife has relatives in a little village called ArdPatrick which is just over the border in County Limerick. We have spent quite a few happy holidays there.


    Jonathan de M0LDY