Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Blarney Castle activation

What a great weekend I had.

Attended the Blarney Castle CASHOTA activation held by NCRG over the weekend, on 4th, 5th and 6th June at the Stable Yard of Blarney Castle.  I had great fun setting up the station, although I was panicking a few days before as I wasnt sure whether Id be able to set up with the lads or whether Id have to stand there like a spare part.  Luckily enough I managed to do it, and was quite proud of myself as I had never set up a station believe it or not, the practical things always seemed to be taken care of by the lads.

The first day was lovely, a bit too lovely as the sun beat down on me (apparantly the black t-shirt may have helped lol) and the fact that I had no sun cream on did help either.  We finished the activation early as the bands werent great and the sun was way too much by 3pm.

I had gotten burnt, as did the other lads, but mine was sore  as it was on one side of my face and on my hands.  I had put after sun on it but this didnt ease the discomfort.  I woke up the next day to find my face swollen and a little sore.  As this was the 2nd day, I put suncream on (factor 50 lol) and set off again.  This time I set the EZ wire up on my own (with a little help at the end from one of the lads) and set up the station whoo hoo!!!.  Again, bands werent great but better than the previous day.

The third day was a whole new kettle of fish as it was raining so we had to go into one of the stables.  It sounded echoey and was hard at times to hear the stations, especially if there were other people present but we battled through.  This day seemed to be the worst of the 3 contact wise, but we had fun and got to walk around the gorgeous gardens and grounds, even stopping to have a play on the swings haha.

I have to say, it was fab and although the bands didnt assist us, the venue was lovely, with friendly staff also.  Cant wait for the next event.

73, Lisa

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  1. Lisa, well done on setting up the station and on a great weekend of activation. Sorry to hear about the sunburn. Sounds sore. But hope the contacts were worth it !

    73 de EI2KC