Thursday, 15 September 2011

Another Rally Good Success!!!

Hey all,

So we had our annual rally last Sunday and it was a brilliant day.  Everyone was ready to go at about 11.15am so we opened the doors and let the bargain hunters in!

There was a great turnout again this year, and everyone was in high spirits.

I got the great job of admission, so it gave me a chance to meet everyone coming in.  Because Im new enough to the hobby (11 months) I am still not familiar with some of the people I speak to, now give me a callsign and Id know you a bit quicker.  I had people chatting to me and it took me a few minutes (or them to tell me) to realise who I was speaking to, but nevertheless I managed to meet some of the lads I chat to on a regular basis.

I also had a mission, to get myself an antenna for my car and the mount to go with it.  See as a YL operater, I have encountered a problem that most hams wouldnt be aware of.  Since I am also a mother and a wife, I need to be able to do things like food shopping, picking things up for the kids for school etc so the problem I was running into was that when I had Tony's car, the antenna was too high for the car parks, barriers on certain roads etc and used to bang something ferocious when I drove to Tesco etc, so much so I had to pull the car over and either bend the antenna (which it is capable of doing) or take it off altogether.

So my hunt was on and it didnt take me long to come across the perfect antenna for 2m and 70cms.  It is a little 1/4 wave antenna, only about 30cms long maybe, and fits perfectly on my car.  So now I dont have to worry about banging.  I also got a Watson mount for the boot and hey presto, Im set to go on 2m & 70cms.

So I was happy with my purchase.  When the rally came to a close, and the traders had packed away, we went for a few drinks in the bar and had a great finish to the day.  I have to say congrats to all the people involved in the day, it was another brill time, and I went home smiling.

Ciao for now

73, Lisa EI9GSB

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