Sunday, 23 February 2014

Anyone know where I can buy spare time?

Its been a while since I've posted here but it appears 24 hours in the day just isn't long enough!

I've a busy year to date, already had a great club activity at Blackrock Castle, arranged another activity for Marconi Day, and it's rally season again. 

Blackrock Castle was a great day, we kicked off Engineers Week on the 9 February and made some lovely contacts on 15m, including lots of US stations!  We were "fishing" for DX out the classroom window and Ciaran was surprised, to say the least, at being heard in the States with 1 watt!!! We also met some lovely people, some licensed, some not, but all having a great interest in the hobby.  We hope they enjoyed their experience. 

Out next planned event will be at Mizen Head Visitors Centre for Marconi Day which falls on the 26 April this year. As per usual, we spend the weekend at the location, which is absolutely beautiful, and make contacts all weekend long. Hopefully conditions will be good this year but if any of you are in the locale, pop in and say hello (subject to the Centres entrance fee of course)

I am also delighted to say that my son, Jordan, has now become licensed, having passed the HAREC exam last October. He is now better known as EI4HLB. He is currently working the world and in the process of chasing a few awards, and taking over the shack, which was already hard enough to use between me and Tony EI3GAB, but now I might as well build an extension for all the luck I'll get trying to operate lol

But most surprising of all is that I have been nominated by the IRTS (out national society) to be part of the committee for the forthcoming year. Being nominated alone is an achievement for me and well just have to wait and see what happens next, watch this space!

However the next few weeks will be taken over with personal commitments, trips to the big smoke (recreational of course) and rallies!  I love rallies, it's a great way to pick up bargains and chat to your friends, always a great buzz around. The next one for me is Limerick on 9th March, I'll be there with bells on!

Now I've just got to organise our Groups one for 7th September, details to follow

Ciao for now

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  1. You're going to need three separate stations now Lisa, and three separate sets of antennas, in addition to time!!!