Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My 3 year license anniversary

On the 29th October 2010, I received a telephone call from ComReg with my call sign, EI9GSB. I was so excited and couldn't wait to get on the air

I had taken the exam 2 weeks previously after an intense 8 week self study programme, and the thought of quitting had hit me a few times. I had no knowledge prior to this, no real experience and no idea of electronic components, or how they worked!  As I had begun to take part more in our radio  group, I had to overcome this hurdle. 

I remember going to Dublin and how I studied on that train journey, trying to bang in some past minute details, hoping they would stick. I remember the nervousness as I sat down, the initial shock and panic as I turned the page and the disection of the questions & answers afterwards as I tried to gaige how I'd done. 

When the results came out, everyone had told me how they had done but I had heard nothing, and still nothing 4 days later so I had to ring ComReg who advised they must've been an error with the sending of my results so I had to wait, the impatience I had!  But was delighted when I received that phone call - with my call sign! 

My first QSO was with Ciaran EI7GSB both  on HF and the local repeater! But that call sign arrived just in time for CQ WW and I had to work up the courage to take part but I did and loved it! It's been my favourite contest since.

Since that time I've become secretary of the North Cork Radio Group for the past 3 years, have attended IRTS meetings as club rep, have created and published our Group newsletter continuously, have organised a lot of the club activities, achieved my 100 DXCC, have taken part in YOTA 2013, have become part of the Yota web page admin (including writing up the 2013 activity summaries), and most proudly have helped my 14 year old son Jordan study for and achieve his full licensed call this month. 

I have made so many friends both locally and nationally, but also internationally it's amazing!  I recognise people from all over the world when dxing and love having qsos with them.  

I can't wait for the next 3 years!

Ciao for now

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