Monday, 5 August 2013

Estonia - Part 2

Yesterday we had another scorcher in Tallinn, approximately 23 - 25 degrees.  Breakfast was a non-starter so we went out for lunch instead to St.Patrick's.  Food in Estonia hasnt won me over I have to admit, and although I have tried a few new things, Im quite slow to pay for something I havent previously tried and which may cause me to be hungry later on for not liking it.  For example, I ordered garlic bread with cheese and when it came out, it looked like doner kebab that had been left out too long.  Now it tasted nice but too much of it and the salt was beginning to be the first hit of flavour you got.  So for lunch I had a chicken salad sandwich and some chips which was fine even if it did have a fried egg in it!

For dinner I would have loved a burger or pizza, something I would call normal, but we ended up in St. Patricks again where the dinner menu was the same as the lunch menu (which hadnt been outstanding by any means) so I decided to go for peppered steak which was the closest thing they had to red meat however on eating it, it was so spicy it burnt my taste buds.  Again another dissappointing meal.

However, the sights in Tallinn are stunningly beautiful and Kristjan (our new guide/chauffeur) kindly  brought us to the Teletorn Tower, a magnificent structure which brought us 21 floors up to the most amazing view of Tallinn ever, I havent seen a sight like this in my life.  It was spectacular, 360 degrees of contrasting industrial and forestry, mixed with a little suburbia and sea.  Astounding.

Following this we visited the beach, which again is not a sight we see Ireland where the forest meets the sand, and where the sand forms part of the forest floor.  It was beautiful, and the walk along the pier, although bumpy, was gorgeous.  It was my first time seeing guys sunbathe standing up!

Although the night did end on a high, we ended up in an Irish bar in Tallinn town centre with the lads from the Slovenian team and had a few drinks (although there was nothing Irish about the place other than the pictures of leprechauns on the wall and map of Ireland painted on).  As I was so hungry I stopped into Hesburger on the way back and got their equivilant of a Big Mac, which I have to say was pretty damn tasty.

So after spending another night in the €16 hostel, we were winging our way to Tartu on a Sebe bus which has the coolest monitors in their headrests ever, you could choose a movie, listen to music, play games etc etc.  It still doesnt take away from the 2.5 hours it took us to get here but well see how things go.  The hotel looks decent from the outside and the YOTA activities are just beginning.

Ciao for now
Lisa, EI9GSB

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