Saturday, 3 August 2013

Estonia - My first experience

As you may know, I'm part of team Ireland for YOTA (Youngsters on the Air) which this year is being held in Estonia. 

So my adventure started off yesterday (3rd August) on a bus trip to Dublin airport which turned out to be fine and we were there in no time, probably because I fell asleep and didn't notice the time passing. It was a long wait to our flight time as 4 hours seemed like an eternity, but nevertheless we flew with Ryanair. The flight itself was ok but towards the landing I began to feel a little nauseous due to the roller coaster-type bobbing around. 

Tallinn hits us like a tonne of bricks as the heat was stifling. At passport control there were 3 lines - the "I don't give a s**t  who u are", the "ill scrutinise you a little" and the "you ain't getting through my line for love nor money". Guess which one we were in?

After waiting for about 15 mins with no movement whilst some guy gets the 3rd degree, blood tested, DNA swabbed etc (not really but it could've been done in that time) we decided to switch queues and soon enough the "I don't give a s**t" controller had us sailing through to baggage claim in no time which was a brief hop skip and jump to the outside world. 

We were met by Christjan who even had one of the cards with the YOTA logo on it, how very New York!  He very kindly brought us to the nearest mall whilst he and Ger delivered our bags to the hotel. 

Not only was he out chauffeur but he also very kindly brought us out that evening to sightsee the amazing city of Tallinn with its charming medieval buildings, gorgeous scenery, capital hill and the view from there, and also to a local restaurant for a bite to eat. We ended our tour with a well deserved drink in St. Patrick's bar and some final shopping through little markets. 

A long deserved sleep was had and how today he will be bringing us to telephone tower which is near Tallinn harbour. 

The adventure isn't over yet, to be continued .......

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