Saturday, 9 March 2013

Sunday is a day of rest?!!... Not in ham land

Last Sunday 3rd March was easily the most busiest day I have had yet. For some reason everyone seemed to choose this date for different reasons to have things on but as a ham I had to decided to go with the radio aspect of events.

It started off with my annual trip to the Limerick Radio Club rally (LRC). I started out from home at 930 and had quite an enjoyable spin to the venue on Ennis Road with Tony EI3GAB and my son Nathan (who at this stage is allergic to my constant dragging of him to these events).

There was a good array of items for sale and the best part for me of course is always meeting up and chatting with the friends I've made over the years. Unfortunately I couldn't stay very long as the 3rd March also kicked off the events calendar for our group, NCRG.

As it was Engineers Week we were activating Blackrock Castle in Cork City under the CASHOTA reference EI009/C.

Both me and Tony raced to the venue and set up the station in extra quick time, even the antenna (an end fed 53ft dipole) cooperated with us and we had no problem with tuning / swr as can sometimes happen in that venue.

As we operated the station we had quite a few little future operators come to visit us, and they were more than eager to jump on the band and say hello to our callers (thanks to all our friends who obliged us by taking the time to say hello).

Once the event finished at 5pm we packed up and set off home. I was so tired from the mad rush of the day, I was quite happy to sit down and relax, I couldn't even be bothered to unload the equipment from the car!

But I love the events and can't wait for the next one at Ballynamona Beach on 18th March.

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