Sunday, 10 February 2013

QSL cards

Couldn't believe it the other day when I came home from work and had received a major bundle of QSL cards in the post, which I have to say I was surprised at considering I had returned a number of them in September after our annual radio rally.

Some of the cards dated back to 2010, even some to the very first day I used my license on the 30th October 2010!

I was delighted to see the variations of Dxcc's worked, especially 2 lovely cards from amateurs in Japan.

I physically went through the log and confirmed the dates etc and set out returning cards to these operators who took the time to send cards to me. After about and hour & half, I was done and never so happy to see the end of the pile.

But they have all now been completed and will be winging their way to their new owners, I'm sure the bureau outgoing manager will be delighted with me !! ..... Once I sort them properly that is, ugh lol

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