Monday, 29 October 2012

CQ WW - where the cool DXCC's come out

Well this weekend was a lot of fun, especially as it was the CQ WW contest.

Although I didnt take part in the contest itself (as in I have no intention of submitting my log) I did use it as the perfect opportunity to gain some new DXCC's and possibly working some rare ones also.

I spent a few hours a day in the shack, doing some of my own work as well as listening on the bands, and found myself holding the mic whenever a new prefix or station caught my attention.  However as per every contest weekend, splatter was in full force, DX code of conduct went out the window, along with some of the band plans, and pile ups to work a station were commonplace. Despite this, I participated in collecting the stations I needed and had a little DX dance (as taught by my buddy sMurphy lol) anytime I managed to successfully get one in the log.

The big guns were also out, stations hit up with linear ampage like an athlete on steroids, blasting their callsigns to the world.  Now I dont hate, but it does get annoying when you are pushing your 100w and getting stamped all over like a running bull in a china shop, but thats one of the pleasures of owning such equipment.

So all in all, I was extremely pleased with my measley contacts, approx 57 in all, but this weekend quality was definately better than quantity!

Ciao for now



  1. This is one of the great things about contests, especially the big ones. You don't have to 'compete' to enjoy them, and there's nearly always some nice DX to be picked up - if you can get through the QRM!!! Well done Lisa. A bit of DX dancing was done here too. And, sorry, but I was one of the ones running a linear!!

  2. I agree sMurph, I love the challenge of trying to work the stations throught the pile ups and the satisfaction of hearing your partial call, loving the DX dancing haha much of that done over the weekend all over EI, in relation to the linear, I dont hate and since I didnt hear you stamp on me you are safe ;), hope you got some nice ones