Monday, 20 February 2012

Spotted all over the world!!!

I spent the whole of yesterday glued to my rig. Not because there was any major DX or because of any contests, but purely because of the fun I was having. Now this hasnt happened to me in quite a bit.

I had been using a Xmas pressie I got from Tony ( the hubbie). I had been using PSK31 on 40m all along with a dipole antenna, but was getting tired of the variation of stations I was receiving. Tony swapped the antennas, the beam was connected to the Kenwood and the dipole temporarily placed in the Icom. I couldn't believe the increase in activity on the bands!

There were many firsts for me yesterday including using all of the bands 20-6m. I was elated, the amount of calls to be answered, so much so that at one point the waterfall looked like a swimming pool, signals everywhere!

A major first for me was the use of 30m, a band that I had never considered using previously but I was pleasently surprised at the amount of ops on seeking contacts. I had great fun and was like a child at Xmas.

The only drawback for me was having to collect DXCC'S from the beginning all over again as no doubt I shall be looking for a digi award into the future. The biggest surprise to me though was seeing the map on psk reporter highlighted with a rainbow of colors from all parts of the globe !! I was in my element!

In all I made close to 70 contacts yesterday on PSK, my furthest being Brazil and Argentina. It was a really fun radio day, wih my signal being spotted all over the world!


  1. Well done Lisa and welcome back to the bands, its awhile since you were active so maybe this will be a new boost for the GSB! enjoy data and keep collecting that DX :)

    1. It's been a while since I was this active defo, and guess where I am as I reply to this??? That's right, in the middle of macro ing my life away lolol

  2. PSK is a great mode and as you said when you see the waterfall all packed it is a great feeling. Good to see the ham bug has bitten again.....

  3. Yes PSK can be very enjoyable. And welcome to 30 metres Lisa. Now all you need to do is learn the code !!